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Monday, November 10, 2014

How To Wear Stripes

A ChaCha follower recently asked me this question:

Hi Deb,

Help!  I have a bit of a belly.  Can I still wear stripes?  Will it make me look bigger?


Dear "M",

You are correct to have some concerns but yes, you CAN wear stripes!  Of course you have to follow some guidelines...


How To Wear Stripes When You Need To Conceal Your Tummy

1)  Make sure the stripes are different widths.  Mixing skinny, wide and anything in between will help you avoid a wide look.  

2)  If stripes are the same width, then they have to contain many colors or dark colors.  However, you must pay attention to where those stripes are placed!  The darkest stripe should always be right across your tummy or area of concern.  Check out this perfect example.  Same client, same brand dresses, just different styles with stripes.


Oh no...the above dress is giving her a spare tire!  The color placement is wrong because the darkest color is NOT on her problem area (where it should be).  Allowing the orange stripe to lay along her tummy makes it bulge out.  The black stripe above her breasts is out of place too- it's flattening her nice figure.  Instead, it should be right at the empire waist to emphasize the nice boobs she has.


Much better!  Look how thinner she looks!!  The variety of colors AND stripe sizes work perfectly together.  And check out the thick, dark blue stripe...right at her tummy where it belongs!

3)  Keep the stripes to a minimum by layering it with a jacket or blazer.

4)  Look for stripes that move diagonally or vertically.  That will give you a slimming effect.  Just be sure that your verticals don't resemble one of a referee-  yikes!

If you follow these rules, you are sure to rock stripes no matter your body type!

Have a fashion question or concern?  Let us all know... your question could be showcased next!

ChaCha you later,


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