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Monday, February 23, 2015

Bundle Up In Style

Baby it's c-c-c-cold outside!  I despise winter, but love a fashionable coat with accessories. Has your outerwear taken a beating this winter?  Ready for a new winter style?  February is the month to score a deal on winter coats, hats, gloves and everything else that we all want to throw into storage!  Seriously, this has been a brutal, cold month but it is the perfect time to try a new color or style and not pay full price.  You can never go wrong with a basic black, camel or gray coat.  Or be daring and go for that eye-catching, red coat you have always dreamed of!  If you struggle to add color, then this is your chance to do it with gloves, hats and scarves... bright pink, a pastel color or plaid.  

Fashion Tip:  Instead of fastening your belt on coats, try tying it for an unstructured look; or replace the belt with one of your own.

This black wool coat, camel hat and gloves make me smile.  The gold buttons give it an added, polished look and the cut-out finger gloves let me show off my manicure AND use my smart phone.  I just wish I had a cup of hot coffee to warm up my fingers...it is frickin' freezing in Chicago!

Some of my favorites stores for winter sales  

Nordstrom Rack
Banana Republic

What is your go-to store?  Stay warm and bundle up in style, ChaChas!

Happy sale shopping,


Photography by G.Lynn Photo

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