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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How To Dress a Long Torso and/or Wide Hips

Heeeere's Heather!  She is the winner of ChaCha Flare's first Personal Shopping Giveaway.  Heather received $100 in gift certificates and a personal shopping session from me.  She really deserved these winnings because Heather hasn't shopped for herself in 5 YEARS!!  I was shocked but not really... shocked because I LOVE to shop and do it often, not shocked because a lot of my clients tell me the same thing.  And Heather had a common excuse:  She doesn't know how to shop for her body type and gets frustrated when she attempts.  (Read more about shopping excuses here ---> Shopping Tips)  Here are Heather's concerns that many other women have:  She has a long torso and short legs AND wide hips with large thighs. 

Does this apply to you?  Keep reading.  Doesn't apply to you?  Still keep reading, you WILL learn a tip or two for yourself.

So what should Heather wear?  Usually with a long torso, comes short legs. Even if you don't have short legs, the goal is to balance out the torso to give the illusion of longer legs.

Tips for Long Torso/Short Legs

1)  Wear high-rise jeans/pants.  I'm not talking about jeans that go all the way to your natural waist and give you a long, flat mom butt.  I mean high-rise as in the jeans hit the belly button area (and bonus, cover the muffin top).  With that higher waist, it instantly elongates the legs.  Low rise will do the opposite. 

2)  NO cropped jeans!  Not only will your legs look even shorter, but also bigger.  Jeans should come about an inch off the floor from the heel. 

3)  Jackets, blazers, sweaters, tops should all hit at the hip bone.  Wear cropped jackets and sweaters and tops that are tighter in the torso area.  Heather has very flat abs, so this will enhance those awesome abs even more!

Heather rockin' her boot cut jeans at JCTS

Tips for Wide Hips/Large Thighs

1)  Keep those jeans/pants dark!  Midnight blue or black is going to thin everything out.  Some fading in the thighs (with a contrast) will work too.

2)  Straight cut, boot cut or wide leg is the way to go.  Skinny jeans only work if you wear them correctly and I'll get to that next.

3)  Great boot cut jeans for those curvy hips:  Silver Suki, Kut from the Kloth

4)  Do not wear shirts that hug and cover your thighs.  You think you are hiding those hips, but you are actually drawing attention to them and making them look wider.

Now on to those skinny jeans tips.  Heather didn't think it was possible for her to pull off this look but I proved her wrong.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans with a Long Torso and Wide Hips

1)  Again, keep those jeans very dark.

2)  Let the length go beyond the ankle;  it's ok to have a little gathering to make those legs look longer.

3)  Do not wear skinny jeans with flats.  It only makes your thighs look bigger.  Add height with wedges, pumps, ankle boots or even a kitten heel.  If you really don't like heels, then add volume with high boots.  This will balance out your calves with your thighs.

4)  Skinny jeans must be worn with longer, flowing/bulky tops.  This is when you can cover up your thighs.  Think ponchos, cardigans, tunic sweaters and long or oversized shirts.  This is a really nice look on small-chested women.

5)  Great skinny jeans brands:  Joe's Curvy, Liverpool 

No wide hips here!  Skinny jeans done the right way!
After only an hour and a half, Heather not only went home with some fabulous clothes but she also had a whole new attitude about shopping for herself.  When you know what looks good on you, shopping can be a great experience.  Heather said to me, "Thank you.  You made me beautiful!"  Heather was always beautiful, she just needed to find her inner chacha.

Need help finding the right clothes?  Let me help you!  Go to my Styling Services Page.




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  2. I am also a single young lady from a large homeschool family perpetually battling the modesty issue. I have been following for a little while but this is my first time to comment. First off- keep up the good work. I love getting new ideas. Second of all- designer long tops flow-y cardigans work great for the same job in the winter, fall, and spring months. (I live in the Rocky Mountains. We frost 11 months out of the year so it even works some summer mornings for church. :))