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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

6 Tips On How To Mix Patterns

Mom always told you to match your clothes and now I'm telling you to mix patterns- what?!!  No, it's not Wacky Wednesday.  Mixing patterns is so vogue, and a sure way to look unique and super stylish.  It can be scary but worth the risk!

It's not so easy to explain how to mix patterns, but with a few tips you can be an expert.  Consider incorporating animal print, camouflage, polka dots, stripes, florals, plaid or gingham together into your look.  Here is some advice so you don't look like a 3 year old who sports the sticker that reads, "I dressed myself today".

ChaCha Tips On Patterns
  1. Let one pattern be the accent.  My accent is the floral skirt.  It's the busiest and has the most colors.
  2. Use similar colors in both patterns.  I pulled out the black and white from the skirt to use in my striped top.  I have so many colors to choose from in my skirt that I could have used a variety of colors.
  3. Ease into this skill by adding patterned accessories like shoes or purses.
  4. Start simple by using stripes or polka dots as your neutral.  They can even be used together.
  5. Break up the pattern with a solid color in a layering piece such as a cami, jacket or even a scarf.
  6. Most importantly, have confidence!  Don't over think it and just have fun.
How will you mix it up?  



  1. You look amazing. I love the idea of mixing things up but my linear brain has trouble not "matchy matchy". I need to be brave enough to rethink the wardrobe and mix it up a bit.

    1. Thank you! It definitely takes you out of your comfort zone!

  2. Gorgeous! I love how you mixed the pink toes and red shoes! I never know how to wear stripes, and this look has inspired me!