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Monday, May 4, 2015

Don't Be A Schmuck To Your Mom On Mother's Day

Me and my Mãe (mom in Portuguese) in Brazil

Do you love your mom?  If the answer is yes, then please give her a gift that rocks!  This is the day to get it right.  This is the day that your gift says, "I appreciate and love you, mom".  So don't be a schmuck and give her something practical such as a vacuum cleaner.  I don't give a rat's ass if she's been complaining to you about how she hates her vacuum because the suction sucks... or I should say doesn't suck.  Plain and simple, it's just a piece of shit vacuum.  And guess what?  Your mom doesn't want a vacuum for Mother's Day.  You're pretty much just telling her that she's an awesome maid...."Here's a new appliance, maid.  Don't forget to get under the couch!"  And don't think you are showing love and concern when you get her a brace because she has recently been diagnosed with tennis elbow.  Again, don't be a schmuck!  No practical gifts!   It can be a little practical but it must make mom feel special and beautiful!  Not a reminder that she is getting old and fragile, got it?

And here's how.  Think about your mom and what she enjoys.  I'm going to give you some suggestions...  think of me as your Oprah as I share my favorite things.  <Insert audio of my Oprah impersonation..."Deeeeb's Faaaaavorite Thiiiiii-angs!!!">  Can you hear that?  Being all into fashion and style, I am going to concentrate on all that crap but I will think (a little) out of the box.

For the new mom...

This is more for the husbands since babies can't buy a gift.  But maybe you have some sort of super baby that has that capability, so please forward this on to your freaky baby.  The new mom is not feeling all that cute and is probably sleep deprived.  A ruched top will make her feel stylish and conceal any tummy rolls caused by the little nugget .  Add a gift card to Starbucks to say, "I know you are up all the time to take care of that precious jerkbag.  Hopefully the coffee will keep you sane."  Oh and wine, don't forget the wine!!

For the veteran mom...

Hopefully she's got this mom thing down and is actually starting to shop for herself and not just the kids.  Time to add some frosting to that cake.  I'm talking about accessories.  My favorite accessory for spring and summer is sunglasses.  I'm sure she already has a pair or two, but you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses.  Make it fashionable.  Check out Sunglass Hut, they even have a "Find Your Fit" guide.  Add a colorful beach bag and towel and you got the cutest theme gift!  

To smell pretty...

If you don't know mom's go-to perfume, then don't get her perfume.  Everyone has different tastes and you can't force her to like a scent that you enjoy.  But if you do know her perfume then get it in lotion form.  Rarely do people buy themselves a lotion in their signature scent, so this will be appreciated.  However, if you want a general lotion that smells fresh and not overbearing, then get Philosophy Amazing Grace.  I love that it doesn't make you smell like a cookie or a French whore.  Add a gift card for a manicure and pedicure to complete this pampering gift. 

I am obsessed with Alex and Ani charm bangles!  This is probably the safest piece of jewelry you could give to mom or anyone else.  There is a variety of charms.  It looks great alone or stacked.  How about giving a gift to your Godmother?   Yes, there's a charm for that!
An easy way to add some style...

A denim jacket.  Blue, faded or white.  If mom doesn't have one, then she needs one.  Looks good on any body shape and any age.  Everyone should have a chic, denim jacket to wear with a simple top or dress.  Add a colorful scarf to complete the look.

You never go wrong with a handbag...

If mom only has one purse or a dozen, she will love one of these lovelies.  Get into my closet floral clutch or bucket bag!!  Stick a natural colored lip gloss in the bag for a little surprise.

Need more ideas?  Get my help and let me get to know your mom!  Or you could always get her flowers.  Just make sure it's something that will last for more than a week ;)



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