Monday, October 13, 2014


You may think that stylists are only for celebrities or the very rich.  Well, think again.  There are many reasons to get help from a stylist...


1.  You're not happy with your love-handles, big boobs, short legs, etc. and you don't know how to make it fabulous with clothes.

The right clothes can be a miracle worker for those problematic areas!  If you still haven't figured out how to work your body type, then it's time to seek help with... hmmmm, I don't know??  Maybe this chick, Deb, that I know.  She's affordable too ;)

2.  You have several items in your closet that are cute, but you don't know how to wear them.

It's always fun to have something trendy...fur, leather, leopard!  But sometimes it's intimidating to put it all together.  It can also turn into a disaster if you overdo it.

3.  You don't know how to be versatile with your clothes.

Does this sound like you?  Same top, with the same skirt, pumps and never trying to make different outfits.  I have a client that had no idea she could wear her "church top" with jeans.  Wouldn't it be nice to hear, "Is that a new sweater?", when you've actually had it for years!?!

4.  You think dressing up means being uncomfortable.

I've blogged this before (Looking Good Without A Lot of Effort), you can look cute and be comfy at the same time.  Piecing the right items together and accessorizing is key!  

5.  You don't look at your butt when you put on your jeans.

You may look awesome from the front, but the back may be flat and wide. Go ahead and check...I'm guessing your booty can look a lot better!  

6.  Your 8 year old daughter dresses better than you do. 

Why is this?  I see it all the time.  So many moms spend time and effort on their kid than on themselves.  You should see my kids- it's almost embarrassing.  They used to be really put together when they were younger and I could control them.  Now they look like little ragamuffins when they go to school and I DON'T CARE!  They can figure it on their own or maybe someday they'll actually listen to me. 

7.  Layers?   What's that?

Yep, layers are good.  And I'm not talking about layering so you stay warm.  Nothing is cuter than a cropped denim jacket with a maxi dress or creating a layered look to go with skinny jeans.

8.  You feel like your clothes are boring.

A plain, white sweater is a perfect canvas for a beautiful, printed scarf.  You may be lacking the ability to accessorize.  There's that word again!  Getting dressed doesn't just entail putting on a shirt, jeans and shoes.  Time to chacha it up!

9.  You don't think shoes are important.

Cute everywhere and then you get to the hideous shoes-ugh!  My mom is a stunning woman with great style, but she is sometimes a victim to this.  (Sorry, Mãe, I have to use you as an example!)  Now granted, she does have a bad back/neck and can't wear the obnoxious heels I do, but there are alternatives.  Wedges, ankle boots and flats are great options.  They have plenty of support AND can be dressy or casual.  You CAN find that cute pair of shoes that comes with comfort!

So how did you do?  Still think that stylists are only for Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie?  I would love to help you get out of your fashion rut.  Click here to get started ===>ChaCha Flare Your Look



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