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Friday, October 17, 2014

IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S THE JEANS: How to Find the Perfect Jeans

The dreaded jeans shopping experience!  Nothing sucks more than grabbing 20 pairs and walking away with nothing.  There is so much to consider... concealing the big booty, avoiding the WGB (white girl butt), extending the legs, slimming the hips, the list goes on and on.   Don't fret!  The right pair of jeans are out there, I promise.  

The other day, I went on a jeans mission with two clients, Karin and Carol.  Both are pear shaped, so they can wear either skinny jeans or boot cut.  Karin is very petite so she always struggles with the right length, whereas Carol has a hard time balancing her tiny frame with her wider hips and thin legs.  I didn't think having two clients at the same time would work, but because they both needed jeans (and thanks to the lovely salespeople at Buckle) it only took us an hour!

I'm going to use Karin and Carol in some of my examples on:

8 Things to Look for When Shopping for Jeans

1.  Stitching and Fading

When there is a good contrast of stitching and the jean material, it can slim down the butt and inner thighs.  Fading does the same thing, but too much in the wrong places will just look like you rolled around in paint. 

Good stitching along inner thigh/fading

2.  Pocket Embellishment 

Bling, pocket flaps and designs are those wonderful things that can make your butt pop in the right places so you don't have a flat, wide butt or WGB. 

3.  Size of Pockets

Too small, your butt will look big.  Too big, your butt will look big.  Basically, the pockets have to be proportionate to your backside.  There's a science to this, people. 

Small pockets so the mid rise does not work

4.  Spacing of Pockets

If you have too much space between the pockets, you will widen yourself. 

Too much spacing between pockets

Perfect spacing!
5.  Waistline

Low rise works for a lot of people, especially if you have a small torso. Mid rise is great for concealing the flabby tummy and giving you more leg length.  High rise is for those that like their butts to look TWICE AS LONG.  Huh??  Why would you want an ass that starts in the middle of your back?  The only time I have seen this work is if you are a super skinny teenager who is wearing them as daisy dukes- and that's really stretching it.  So please ladies, don't let those salespeople convince you that they are the new thing and look great on you- they don't.

6.  The Right Size 

If they are too tight, your rolls will be popping out everywhere (muffin top) and there will be possible camel toe.  It's NOT sexy, it's a mess!  Jeans need to be snug, but not cut off your circulation.  If they are too baggy, everything droops and you will look bigger than you really are.  You should be able to fit 1 to 2 fingers along the waistline. Remember, jeans stretch!

Karin went shopping in these hideous things...


Bigger thighs in the front

Droopy flat butt

Hello skinny!

Perked up booty
7.  Length

Better to go long than short- you can always get them hemmed.  Stores like Buckle and Nordstrom will hem them for free.  Do NOT settle for short jeans!  Your legs will look shorter than they are and frankly, you will look ridiculous.  That's including skinny jeans!  For you shorties, wear those heels or wedges to give you even more height!

8.  Know How to Wear Your Jeans the Right Way

Think about what you are going to wear with the jeans.  Either bring some clothes with you or try some things on from the store.  If you are pear shaped you have to create more volume on top when wearing skinny jeans.  The opposite (inverted pear shapes) can wear skinnies with almost anything and pair up with flats so they can actually bulk up their thighs... oh you poor thing!  So remember, different looks for different body types.  I put a whole new look together for Carol who used to think that she could wear fitted tops with skinny jeans.


NO!  Small top brings attention to the waist.

The scarf and cardigan balance the skinny jeans perfectly!

It's amazing how the right jeans can transform any body- Karin and Carol can testify!  Now it's your turn...  

Grab a friend and join me to find the perfect jeans!  From now until the end of November 2014, ChaCha Flare is offering a special jeans personal shopping rate.  Only $50 an hour for you and a friend (that's $25 a piece).  

Set up your appointment by contacting me here ---> Deb Storrs or complete a Style Consultation Form.  Find out for yourselves that it's not you, it's the jeans!

ChaCha you later,


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