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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

8 Festive and Cozy Looks at Maurices

I love the combination of style and comfort!  The latest, fabulous trend is the sweatshirt with sequins, rhinestones or any other bling.  And the best place to get the look of shine with comfort this holiday season is at maurices (not a typo, the official brand is with a lowercase "m").  The variety of looks is endless!  maurices you ask??  Yes, maurices.  I am so surprised with all the misconceptions I have encountered about this awesome clothing store.  Some of the myths are:

1)  It's a store for the young
There are some stores mostly for teens or women in their 20's, but maurices is NOT one of them.  Trendy, yes.  They are on top of the trends but also have lots of basics.  And for those "young" stores, don't be intimidated by them.  You probably won't like everything in there, but you are sure to find some hidden treasures.  Get out of your comfort zone and check it out.  You CAN be a mom in your 30's, 40's and beyond and STILL have some style!  

2)  It's a store for the old 
How do we go from one side of the spectrum to the other?  Let's just say it's a store for women who like to look fashionable; it's for everyone.

3)  It's a plus size only store
Yes, they have plus sizes but also regular sizes; now that's a bonus for us all!

maurices is a place for women.  They carry name brand jeans, (like Silver, Vigoss, Hydaulic and maurices' own line of denim) festive tops, ruched tanks, statement jewelry, jackets, shoes and other accessories.

My photographer, Carol, and I took a trip to our local maurices and created...

Look 1:  Sequin sweatshirt with jeans.  Be sure to add a necklace (elf hat is optional).

Sweatshirt with Sequins / Ellie Straight Fit Jeans / Necklace (my own)

Look 2:  Super soft, light sweatshirt with sequins with flattering leggings!  If you are really looking for comfort, then this is the cute and comfy outfit for you.

Sequin Shoulder Sweatshirt / Smart Pocket Leggings

Look 3:  Sequin sweatshirt with the same leggings and ankle boots.  And take notice of those detailed clutches in the background.  Any of them will flare up your look.

Sequin Sleeve Sweatshirt / Smart Pocket Leggings / Ankle Boots (my own)

Look 4:  Ok, I couldn't resist this top.  It doesn't really qualify as a comfy look but it's so awesome!  I ended up buying it and will be packing it for my trip to Brazil.  It also looks great layered with a moto jacket or fitted blazer.

Sequin Bead Tank / Ellie Straight Fit Jeans / Moto Jacket

Look 5:  A plain, black layering tee WITH the sparkly, infinity scarf.  I wanted to show you how a basic, comfy long-sleeve can work as long as you add accessories.  Add some bangles and drop earrings for more interest.

Layering Tee Only (boring!)
Layering Tee with Sparkly Infinity Scarf

Look 6:  Ruched top with jeans and a statement necklace.  The top and jeans (with fading) creates a slimming look. 

3/4 Sleeve Ruched Top / maurices Jeans / statement necklace

Look 7:  Blue, sequin sweater with jeans.  The blue compliments Carol's copper-colored hair perfectly- so pretty!

Blue Sequin Sweater / maurices Jeans / Ankle Boots

Look 8:  Cranberry and Black.  I love how the sparkly scarf creates the composition of the colors.  The pants are so awesome and flattering- they are like leggings but flared instead of tapered. 

Now that I have established the awesomeness of maurices, when will you be visiting?  I only showed you 8 looks, but I could have probably shown you 100!  

Can't wait to see what all you ChaChas will be wearing for the holidays!  Post pictures on my ChaCha Flare Facebook Page or email me here!

* Visit maurices online at http://www.maurices.com

* Photos by Carol O'Rourke 



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