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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Find Your Inner Style

GUESS jacket / leopard top Forever 21 / Michael Kors bag

You aren't born with style.  Style is evolved through inspiration, mood, creativity and time.  Some get it at the young age of 8, while others still don't know what they're doing at 42.  You may not have a sense of fashion as early as some women, but it's there. Or maybe you wore all the latest trends in high school and then lost it somewhere between climbing the professional ladder and creating some offspring.   Whatever the case, I believe that every woman has style- you just have to find it (or find it again).   

This ChaCha took a while to find her inner style.  Yes, me.  A fashion blogger and personal stylist/shopper who years ago had no sense of style!  I wasn't always as stylish as my clients see me now.  At one point, between the years of 1996 and 2001, I had an unpolished look.  I felt like I couldn't put it all together.  My "go to" outfit was a shapeless T-shirt, khakis and brown sketcher shoes (for boys).   I could have easily passed for a Target employee (good thing my husband saw my inner beauty).  When I would go out, I felt under-dressed.  

The picture below is me with my husband on our honeymoon BEFORE I found my inner style.  I can find at least 5 things wrong with my look.  1) Pastel top with khaki colored contrast.  2)  The cut of my shirt- it's hitting me at my hips (not good for a pear shape).  That combined with the color makes me look heavier then I actually was.  3)  Scoop neck.  I would have looked better in a V-neck.  Scoop necks are better for the well-endowed.  4)  No jewelry.  If I had some earrings and bracelets on, I would have maybe made it all look better.  5)  Those shoes are awful, but that was the style (I think) in 1998.  My husband, John, looks handsome though, don't you think? :)

Me and my husband before I found my inner style- YIKES!

A new client recently said to me, "I look at some women and think how she's got it all together; she's so stylish. It makes me realize I'm not as fashionable as I thought I was."  That is exactly how I used to think about myself until I had a turning point.  

As I have mentioned about myself before, I am a Brazilian (see About Me).  In my teens/twenties I had gone 12 years with no visits to Brazil (the critical years of when a lot of women acquire their sense of style).  I think I needed more Brazil exposure because like I said, I was a frumpy, twenty-something with no fashion-sense.  So at 27, I went back and brought my husband with me.  Brazil is a sexy country full of beauty and style not only with the people but also the awestruck beaches, nature, music and art.  I was finally inspired!  I started adding more jewelry to my wardrobe.  I realized that just because I look good in red, doesn't mean I should settle on a red shirt with no texture or shape.  Heels, purses and fashion risks took over me.  A ChaCha was born!

I'm not saying you have to take a trip to Brazil to get your style on, but you can follow some simple guidelines.  I'm finding that a lot of women (especially if they are super busy with their careers or children) aren't happy with their wardrobe and/or styling abilities, but it's not too late.  

It's Time To Find YOUR Inner Style!

1)  Know your body type and know what looks good on you.  

If you have broad shoulders, you should not be wearing puffy sleeves that will only make you look broader.  On the flip side, if you have wide hips, you CAN wear puffy sleeves to balance everything out.  And for the love of God, if you have short legs, DO NOT wear will make your legs look even shorter.  Try to think about your problematic areas and then figure out what conceals it the best.  Also look at your assets and accentuate it!  If you haven't figured out what works and doesn't work for you, you may need personal styling help.  Go to 9 Signs You Need a Stylist or let me know your specific problem and I can write about it on the blog (comment below this post).

2)  Accessories!  

You can make a plain, tan shirt look spectacular with a statement necklace or a colorful scarf.  Heck, you can make a sweatshirt look awesome if you jazz it up with earrings, cute boots and fancy jeans!  It's all about the details... jewelry, belts, scarves, shoes, even purses!

3)  Layering

A collared shirt with a sweater.  A plain black, tank with a waterfall cardigan.  A blazer with a dress.  Always think about layering an outfit- it will give you that "put together look" you envy. 

4)  Get inspired

Do you like a jacket that your girlfriend wore the other day?  Ask her where she bought it and get it for yourself.  It's not copying, it's a super compliment to your stylish friend.  Try visiting a new clothing store or a local boutique.  You will be surprised how a different store interprets fashion.  Who is your favorite celebrity?  Do you like her style?  If so, let her guide you to a similar (but not the same) look.  Really look at the details of that "stylish woman" you aspire to be! 

These simple steps can lead you into the right styling direction.  If a girl like me can be fashionable then so CAN YOU!

I will be traveling to Brazil this holiday season and plan to inspire you more!  Be sure to sign up for my latest blog posts (upper right part of my blog) so you don't miss anything!

Beijos (kisses),


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