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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Top Ten Shopping Tips (To Avoid Shopping Burnout)

Being a personal stylist and shopper, yes, I love to shop, but not all women are on board.  Clothes shopping can bring feelings of:

Anxiety... "I have no idea where to shop or even how to shop!"   

Insecurity... "My (fill in body part) is/are too (fill in big, small, wide, narrow)!"

Discouragement...  "I can never find anything I'm looking for!"   

Is this you?  Well, you can't avoid shopping for the rest of your life!  Here are My Top Ten Shopping Tips that will improve your shopping experience:

1.  Have a goal but make it simple
If you need clothes for an outing, then prepare your list.  For example, if you need an outfit for a Girls' Night Out, you may desire a trendy look.  Your list may consist of:  designer jeans, trendy top and shoes.  Don't get fixated on trying to find a certain color or an item you saw on this one gal who was at that one party from 3 months ago.  You will go crazy and never find what you think you want.  Just browse for something that catches your eye.

2.  Research stores online first
Get inspired!  See what new items are available at your favorite store. Or check out new places.  If you find a "got to have it" item, be sure to document it so  store sales associate can direct you right to it.  If you don't like anything online, skip that store (you just saved yourself a trip). 

3.  Google coupons
Who doesn't like to save money?  When I know where I'm shopping,  I collect my mailed coupons and google "discount coupon + (name of the store)".  I saved a client over $100 because I had a 40% off coupon at Express!  Woo hoo!

4.  Have a budget
Avoid buyer's remorse.  Make your tentative list and the amount you want to spend and stick with it.  If you go under, then hooray!  You can save that money for next time or splurge on something you didn't expect you could get.

5.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
You don't want to be hot or develop blisters on your feet.  Dress in simple layers and wear shoes that you know you can wear for hours without complaining.  Dress appropriately!

6.  Look your best
Yes, you want to be comfortable but you still need to look nice.  Do your hair, makeup and add some jewelry.  And don't forget to wear your best bra with good support (see November's "Are You Wearing the Right Bra?" post).  It will make a huge difference in the dressing room which may have bad lighting and distorted mirrors.  You shouldn't have to visualize what the outfit could be, you want to see the final result right in front of you.

7.  Go shopping at off peak hours
The best time to go shopping is during the week first thing in the morning.  You don't have to deal with other shoppers, you will get full attention from the sales associate (or most likely the manager) and you will have no problem getting a dressing room.   

8.  Bring any needed article of clothing
So let's say you want to buy a pair of boots to go with some jeans that you already own, then bring those jeans.  Also think about those trendy items that you have not been able to wear because it goes with nothing in your closet.  This will avoid second-guessing or being disappointed at home after buying something that doesn't work.

9.  Bring water and a snack
If shopping isn't your thing, then don't waste time by eating at a restaurant.  However, you also don't want to turn into a crabby patty... bring a bottle of water and a granola bar to avoid hunger pains and save time. 

10.  Don't go while PMSing!!
I tend to forget about this one.  I guarantee nothing will look good, nothing will fit right and you will hate yourself.  DON'T GO SHOPPING WHEN YOU HAVE PMS!

These tips are sure to make your shopping experience more pleasant.  Happy Shopping, my gatinhas!  Have some other shopping tips?  Add them on to the comments below this post.




  1. Great tips! #10 is so true!
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    1. Thanks for checking me out, Veronica! Happy New Year!