Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Get A Simple, Stylish Look In Less Than 30 Minutes


Simple yet stylish in less than 30 minutes!  That, to me, is the perfect look for a lunch date with a friend, but in this case with my cousin :)   We met at Egg Harbor in Downers Grove (yes, those are snowflakes on me and yes, it was cold).  Egg Harbor is a casual restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch and tons of gluten free options.  Love this place, however the only thing missing is wine.  Wine is good.  Moms like wine.  All women like wine.  We want wine, Egg Harbor!  For now, I will settle on the coffee- at least there's coffee.

Back to the outfit.  Are you still sporting the yoga pants?  Or has it morphed into workout leggings?  Time to ditch them, girl!  I know, as a busy mom myself, it's so easy to depend on them but...there is another simple and fast way to look great without relying on the tiring, sporty look <insert eye roll>.

Here's how...

1)  Skip washing your hair and apply a dry shampoo.  Style as usual or put it up in a cute bun.  Taking a body shower is optional, but it is nice to feel clean, right?  But hey, no judging here!  It can totally be a wipes, baby powder and perfume day.

2)  Make-up.  I went all out make-up but the basics should be foundation, mascara, lips.  Or if you have freakishly, awesome eyelashes like my daughter, you can skip the mascara and substitute with a neutral eyeshadow.

3)  Simple cotton shirt.  White, black, blue... any color will work.

4)  Jeans.  Your favorite pair.  The ones that make you look and feel great!

5)  Scarf to pull it all together.  Without it, the outfit will be sub-par. 

And there it is!  Done and done.  In less than 30 minutes, you will look fab without trying too hard.  So save the yoga pants for yoga and the leggings for your kick boxing class.  

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In the meantime, stay warm!  Will spring ever arrive???


Monday, February 23, 2015

Bundle Up In Style

Baby it's c-c-c-cold outside!  I despise winter, but love a fashionable coat with accessories. Has your outerwear taken a beating this winter?  Ready for a new winter style?  February is the month to score a deal on winter coats, hats, gloves and everything else that we all want to throw into storage!  Seriously, this has been a brutal, cold month but it is the perfect time to try a new color or style and not pay full price.  You can never go wrong with a basic black, camel or gray coat.  Or be daring and go for that eye-catching, red coat you have always dreamed of!  If you struggle to add color, then this is your chance to do it with gloves, hats and scarves... bright pink, a pastel color or plaid.  

Fashion Tip:  Instead of fastening your belt on coats, try tying it for an unstructured look; or replace the belt with one of your own.

This black wool coat, camel hat and gloves make me smile.  The gold buttons give it an added, polished look and the cut-out finger gloves let me show off my manicure AND use my smart phone.  I just wish I had a cup of hot coffee to warm up my is frickin' freezing in Chicago!

Some of my favorites stores for winter sales  

Nordstrom Rack
Banana Republic

What is your go-to store?  Stay warm and bundle up in style, ChaChas!

Happy sale shopping,


Photography by G.Lynn Photo

Saturday, February 14, 2015

What To Wear For Valentine's Date Night


Happy Valentine's Day, ChaChas!  My hubby and I usually don't celebrate but since it falls on a Saturday and the kids will be with their aunt and uncle for the evening, we WILL have a Valentine's Date Night!  First a couples massage... ahhhhh!  Then martinis and steaks at Sullivan's Steakhouse...yummo!  I'll be ready tonight in a red top and sexy, faux leather leggings.  

Other ideas:  A red dress with a moto jacket or a lace top with skinny jeans and red pumps.  Or swap the red for a bright pink!  Don't forget the lipstick!

What will you wear tonight?


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fashion Tip Friday: Are You Wearing the Right Size Jeans?

More times than less, my clients think they are a certain size, but they are actually a size SMALLER!  We ladies are so warped with our body images, am I right??  Most likely YOU are wearing the wrong size jeans!  

Some facts about jeans:
  • Jeans will stretch about a half of a size with wear.
  • Jeans should not be baggy in the butt.
  • Jeans should not be falling off your butt (if you are constantly pulling them up, then they are too big).
  • On the flip side, jeans should not be so tight that you are in pain.
When trying on jeans, they should be snug, but not difficult to button up or squeeze into.  You should be able to fit 1 to 2 fingers along the waistline- not your whole hand!  Walk around in your jeans and you will see that they will stretch even within 10 minutes.  

Jeans can be very hard to shop for, so start with the number one rule:  Get the right size!  For more advice on jeans, check out How To Find The Perfect Jeans.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How To Wear Joggers


Joggers are still on the trend and oh soooo comfortable!  They are soft, loose and have a drawstring waist...yes, wear them when you plan to eat your daily calories in one meal!  All this comfort yet you will still look fab.  This cozy chic look is easy to create.  Wear with a basic tee, button down or loose tank and add some ankle boots or heels.  Layer with a jacket or not- have fun with it!  If you have wide hips then be sure to layer with a long blazer or jacket.  For a more casual look, swap those heels with some fun, slip-on sneakers in a leopard print or sequins.  And ChaChas, don't forget jewelry!

Ready to give joggers a chance?  I guarantee, you will fall in love!