Deb Storrs is the founder of ChaChaFlare.com.  A mom with style who offers styling tips, inspiration and fashion mishaps.  Her straightforward and humorous personality helps women avoid the "mom look", tackle fashion trends and most of all look and feel fabulous!  
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Hi, my name is Deb.  Welcome to my styling blog, ChaCha Flare, where you will find fashion tips, inspiration and my adventures as a personal stylist & shopper.  I live in Downers Grove, IL with my awesome husband, three active children, two dogs, one cat, wait, there’s more…. A turtle and a frog.  If we get one more animal, I’m going to throw one out to the curb.  So why am I doing this when I’m living the dream, you ask??

Back in the day (before I gave birth to three maniacs, I mean three wonderful, obeying children), my sister and I gave each other advice on our outfits.  At least twenty shirts were put on and then thrown off.  We squeezed into tight jeans, switched to a skirt, decided on a dress, looked in the mirror, yelled out “Hell no!” and eventually the whole closet would end up on the floor.  We called it Fashion Show.  It was fun and we told each other what looked great and what looked like crap.  And that’s what we are all looking for, right?  Our own Fashion Show with honest and sometimes brutal criticism so we look our best.  But we don't live with our sisters forever or always have a best friend at our beck and call; so most of us buy clothes, style ourselves and rely on our partners to tell us that, "our butts don't look big in that".  And that's a whole other story.  So I started thinking... 

Everybody needs fashion advice!  Sometimes just a, "How can I wear this skirt?" or maybe more like a, "Help! I'm stuck in the 90's!".  Maybe you need a new look, a trendy outfit for a night out or a wardrobe for a vacation.  I give styling tips and constructive criticism (minus the sugarcoating).  I WILL tell you that a shirt makes you look jaundice or that those pants give you sausage legs.  I will also tell you that you look awesome in skinny jeans when you never dared to try them on before.  Bottom line, I want you to look and feel great!  And I promise you that I will not let you wear those pants that make your butt look big.... but then again, you may want to show off that booty! :)

ChaCha:  I am an American-Brazilian so I have a lot of Brazilian influence in my style.  I love high heels, jewelry and sparkly things!   I won't make you into a Brazilian (unless you want me to), but I will put a little fun into your wardrobe!

Flare:  A flame to spice things up!  Sometimes even a belt can make a look go from blah to wow!  I will find that flare for you.

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  1. Deb you are adorable! I wish I lived in Chicago so we can go shopping together. Good luck in your new adventure. I'm sure you will be a huge success!