"Thank you ChaCha Flare for your styling services and helping clean out my closet! I had so much fun and learned so much! Can't wait to get dressed! If anyone needs a personal shopper or a stylist to help you go through the clothes you already have - ChaCha Flare is your contact!"
-Carrie T.

"Deb has helped me numerous times while shopping and I so appreciate her honest advice about what flatters my curves, and giving me permission to step out of my comfort zone. Sometimes we get stuck in our fashion ruts and Deb taught me to think differently. This weekend I ventured out on my own and I only had to text her once to ask her if I was on the right track! I worked with her a few times, together in a couple of stores, and now I feel like I know better what to look for that compliments my body, and overall look I'm trying to achieve. She made me feel like I could rock my 40's!!!!!!!"    
- Kerry Q.

"I had so much fun at our wardrobe overhaul and wanted to tell you what a great job you did!  You're amazing, Deb!  I dropped off my 12 bags (yes it was 12 bags with all those crappy sweaters and coats, ha!) at Goodwill and it felt so good and refreshing!  My closet looks awesome now and it's all thanks to you!" 
-Kristina R.

"After Deb's closet overhaul, I was on cloud nine!  I felt as if I had a whole new wardrobe, without buying a single thing.  I can’t wait to start wearing all these outfits!  I was terrified that she would nix almost all of my clothes, leaving me with nothing to wear; however, the exact opposite happened.  She liked items that I hadn’t worn for years because I did not know how to make a “look” with them.  I now have a good understanding of my body type (an apple) and what clothes flatter me best."
-Missy P.

"(Deb) you always dress me, I trust you 100 percent to tell me the truth!"  
-Lorie B.

"I think I know how to dress now.  Thanks to Deb!"
-Carol D.


  1. Deb came to my house and went through my closet. By the time she was done, I had a MUCH better idea of what is flattering for my body type and also what needed to go!! Sometimes we just need someone to help us 'move on' from things we are holding on to :) I will now shop with much more confidence and purpose-thanks Deb!

  2. You are welcome, Rebecca! So glad I could help you :)