Thursday, April 23, 2015

What Nobody Tells You About Wearing A Jumpsuit

Last week I had the pleasure to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday in Chicago.  Because I live in the suburbs, I treat any visit to the city like I'm going to a huge event.  I love the city life and I love to get dressed up for it.  Usually I style myself with a dress or an outfit that consists of fancy jeans, but this time I chose my favorite jumpsuit.  Don't be deceived by the lovely pictures...

One of the things I adore about the jumpsuit is how it acts like a 2-in-1; the wonder clothing item that gives the illusion of a stylish top and bottom combo.  It's an easy, chic look!  Just add heels and jewelry and you are good to go.  I always talk about adding accessories, but with the jumpsuit you can really get away with minimum add-ons.  It's a pant outfit but as sexy as a dress!

However, there's one thing I ALWAYS forget that sucks about the jumpsuit, and I always figure it out when it's too late to do anything about it.  This time it all came crumbling down in this bad yet hilarious way.  Let me tell you my story which is kinda long but stay with me...

As I got off the train to Chicago, I stopped to use the restroom.  It doesn't matter if I withhold liquids and empty my bladder one minute before the train departs, I guarantee that as soon as I arrive my destination, I will have to pee like I've been holding it all day.  So I was in line (there's always a frickin' line!!).  A stall opened and I hurried on in.  As I closed the door, I realized the lock is broken.  Ok, fine.  I would hold the door as I do my business.  Since there is no hook on the door, I had to use that flip-up shelf that never really quite stays down no matter how much crap you put on it.  Seriously!  I had a huge-ass purse with my mom cam in it and a jacket (because you still can't go anywhere in Chicago without a jacket), and the shelf STILL DOESN'T STAY DOWN.  So, ok, I had to hold both the door and the goddamn shelf.  I proceeded realizing, "Shit!  I'm wearing a frickin' jumpsuit!"  Unlike a dress, I could not just flip it up and pee.  And unlike pants, I could not just unzipper from the waist down.  No, I had to pretty much get naked to pee.  Now remember, I was in a public restroom and I'm a germaphobe so no way was my jumpsuit going on the bathroom floor.  I unzipped my jumpsuit and the door went flying open and I was exposed for all to see me in my bra and underpants.  Then I had to hover the toilet holding my jumpsuit in between my knees so it didn't fall to the ground.  Shall I continue?  Some TMI here (too late)... of course I have to wipe.  Thank God it was just pee!  I can't even tell you what I did but I'm sure about 3 ladies witnessed the best show they have ever seen in a bathroom.  I'm not finished... I had to zip back up. I learned a little from my unzipping experience so I decided to use my elbow to hold the door, my knee to hold the shelf and twisted in every position to get the pain in the ass zipper back up.  As I struggled, my phone fell out of my purse and it was about an inch away from going into the toilet- phew!  I finally get out of the stall and a lady waiting in line says to me, "Cute jumpsuit!".  I almost punched her. 

Note to self:  Think about when and wear I will be wearing a jumpsuit.  Perhaps for my book club group where I'm in a clean home and not drinking or eating anything to promote bathroom activity.  Because you know, there is no eating or drinking at book club- NOT!  Maybe I'll just sit around my house in a jumpsuit and do some laundry?  Or how about while driving the kids to soccer practice?

Those are all practical situations, but I think I'm just gonna have to suck it up and continue to have more bathroom adventures while wearing my jumpsuit in public.   That's how much I love you, jumpsuit.  Oh and also remember to wear a thong.  I hate wearing thongs, but that is a must or you could look like this.

Yep, same night.  I wasn't thinking and wore lacy underpants under the jumpsuit.  I'm an idiot.  Butts cling onto jumpsuits so wear the thong th-thong thong thong!

Hopefully you are not too deterred from wearing a jumpsuit.  They are super stylish and comfortable and make for great storytelling.  Have any stories of your own?  Please do share!



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How To Get An Edgy Look

Here we go's April and it feels more like November.  That's what happens when you live in Chicago.  With temps in the 40's and gusts of wind, I am forced to cover up instead of skipping around in a light top and capris.  Yea, I skip, so?

I love layering with my denim jacket, but for an edgy look try a moto jacket.  Moto is short for motorcycle and no, you don't have to ride a motorcycle to sport this funky, stylish jacket.  It (sometimes) comes with more zippers than you need, angled lapels and pockets, and in a variety of colors.  Many motos are cropped so they elongate the legs and give you a smaller waist, while the angles give a slimming and long look throughout the torso.  Great for any body type- especially apples and straight shapes.  

I'm wearing it with a simple v-neck tee and joggers, but you can do so many more looks.  Try pairing it with a flirty dress, maxi or flare skirt, jeans and even shorts...hello, versatile!  Plus, you are not limited to cold seasons; think about cool, summer nights in this four season essential.

For a simple way to look edgy and stylish, get rockin' and put on a moto jacket!  If you need help finding the right one, make a ChaCha Flare personal shopping appointment.  I promise you will have fun and you will be happy to find clothes that make you fabulous :)



Photography by G.Lynn Photo

What Deb Wore
Moto Jacket - Forever 21 | V-neck Tee - J.Crew Factory | Juicy Couture Joggers (similar) - Kohl's | Halogen Ankle Boots - Nordstrom | Michael Kors Watch (similar) - Nordstrom

Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Showers Brings... Rain Boots!

Ah April!  I love you for thawing the frozen grass, growing buds on trees and giving us the anticipation of summer, but I hate the rain!  Everything is wet and muddy and it can be so gloomy you would think it was October.  How do I deal with this crappiness?  Bright colors and rain boots!

When it rains, I get in a bad mood.  I don't feel like dressing up (unless I have to) because wearing nice clothes plus being wet really sucks.  So that means sweatpants and turning into a lazy sloth- NOT!  Yes, I want to be cozy but if I get too comfortable I end up sitting on the coach watching "The Real Housewives of Somewhere Rather" which results in piles of dishes and no dinner for the family.  So to even it all out, this is my go-to rain or gloomy day outfit:  Bright colored athletic jacket, cute skinny jeans and rain boots.

I love this "Louis Vuitton" backpack.  Don't be too impressed, it's most likely a knock-off.

My Under Armour jacket is perfect for adding some cheer to a rainy April day.  Meg, my awesome sister-in-law, gave this one to me for my birthday...thank you, Meg!  Make it bright coral like mine or yellow, pink, green, blue or even white.  It will brighten you up and make you smile :)  

ChaCha Tip:  Save money by shopping at discount stores such as TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack for cute high-end athletic wear.  Also check out online stores like or

My dog, Winnie.

Pair up your athletic look (or any spring look) with rain boots.  Spare your precious shoes and sport those wellies!  To stomp around, run errands or walk your dog, these babies are great for going through puddles and such.  And so many varieties of styles to choose from leopard, polka dots, plaid oh my! 

Make the best of those rainy days, ChaChas!



What Deb Wore
Under Armour Jacket | Hinge Tank Top | Democracy Distressed Skinny Jeans | Hunter Rain Boots