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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How To Wear Flares

Flares are back, ChaChas!  Dust them off from your closet or buy a pair because they are the latest trend for spring.  I created a 70s chic look without looking like a disco disaster.  You can too!  I'm sporting my old flares with a handmade laced-collar blouse from Brazil, a blingy necklace to add interest and chunky clogs. 

Not sure how you can wear them?  The looks are endless...Pair with a fitting shirt, blazer or jacket that ends at the hip bone or go longer with a looser top (avoiding anything that bells out).  I picture a striking halter top for all you small-chested women.  Or keep it simple with a white tee and bias cut blazer.  Just be sure to wear it with heels... platforms, wedges, chunky heels or even high sneakers.  Flares need room for flow, so you absolutely have to wear them with shoes that give you height.  The only exception is if you have very, very, very long, thin legs and your body is also very, very, very long and thin.  Only then will flares work with sandals or flats.  By the way, if that is you, I hate you.  Just kidding.  No I'm not.

Still not sold on the flares look?  That's ok.  Just because it's a trend, doesn't mean you should wear it.  If you try on every pair and you're still not feeling it, then forget it!  You want to look good and feel good, so stick with what works for YOU!  But I do encourage you to try.

Flares are like snowflakes, not all are the same.  There are bell-bottoms, bootcut, wide leg and palazzo.  Pick the kind that work for your body type so that your look is proportional.

So go get your flares on!  Need help finding your look?  Go to my Styling Services page to get started today.