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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Preparing For Easter...Oh And The Outfit

Don't be deceived by this photo!

Easter, ugh.  I'm never organized for this holiday or the traditions that go with it.  I leave everything to the last minute so the last thing I think about is my outfit.  I'd like to think of myself as a pretty good mom but with Easter activities I fail.  

Every year I proclaim that I will not partake in coloring Easter eggs and every year my husband says, "What?  But we have to!"  Really?  We haaaave to?  Why, is the Easter police going to arrest us?  Will we go to hell if we don't do it?  If you say it's for the kids, well I don't think it's that enjoyable for them.  It's the dumbest tradition and someone always ends up crying.  Yes, please sign me up!  I would love to color eggs to see the kids fight over egg possession, who broke what egg and hogging the dyes.  The stupid dye...everywhere!  All over the table, floor, fingers, clothes, dogs.  Seriously, I'd rather go through child birth.  And let's not forget the "creativity".  Half the eggs are either brown because rainbow eggs are attempted or words like "poop" or "stupid head" are written on them... oh how perfect as a centerpiece!  Martha Stewart would be so proud.  We do all this so the ugly eggs can rot all over the house or be hidden in the refrigerator.  I suspect some vengeful grandmother came up with this actvity so she can laugh and laugh and laugh at the results.  I can't wait to be a grandma!

Easter egg hunts are ok; it's the preparation that blows.  Of course I do this the night before.  I buy all the crappiest candy that is picked over and the plastic eggs that go with them.  For some reason, my husband and I wait until about midnight before we decide to assemble them (we are really smart).  Maybe it's because I come home from buying all the crap and then I decide to have a glass of wine or two or three.  Whatever the case, it's midnight and we will be putting together eggs.  Now add two dogs and a cat to this scenario.  It's an egg party for them.  Swatting at the eggs, fighting over the eggs... it's a frickin' disaster.  This results in eggs hidden so well that the kids themselves can't find them.  Mom Fail #2. 

So as you can see when it comes down to planning an outfit, it kind of goes out the window.  I'm sure I'm not alone... or am I? 

This year I plan on wearing this white sleeveless dress with a statement necklace and pale pink trench coat.  By wearing an old dress, I'm making it less stressful on myself while still looking nice.  You can do the same.  Take a look in your own closet for whites, pastels or florals.  Even if you want to wear pants, add that sparkly necklace and you will be ready for an Easter look.  Just be sure to have your house all decked out like Crate & Barrel- just kidding!  

Ready for Mom Fail #3?  I  planned a vacation to Florida the week before Easter, returning home one day before the bunny comes.  Will I prepare this week?  Probably not, but at least I know what I'm wearing.  Wish me luck!  Oh crap, what are the kids going to wear?



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What Deb Wore
Old Navy Eyelet Dress- old (similar) |  Banana Republic Trench Coat (similar) |  Baublebar Necklace

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  1. I'm blessed to not have to worry about dressing up so much and the bunnies. Easter for our family is praising God and giving glory to Him for what He did for us. :)