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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Swap Party With Sisters Marie

Last Saturday I attended a #SwapInTheBurbs party hosted by lifestyle bloggers, Sisters Marie.  What's a swap party?  It's a gathering of wonderful women, like yourselves, who bring clothing items, shoes, jewelry and accessories that they no longer want/need and swap it for other items of equal price.  It's like shopping without spending a dime!  The ladies of Sisters Marie, Kaitlyn and Lisa, have made a business out of this concept.  If you shop too much or want "new" clothes without blowing through your wallet, check out bistm (Because I Shop Too Much) and btgtf (Because They Grow Too Fast) for opportunities to swap online.

My new fellow blogger friends hosted their party in Downers Grove and you will never guess where?!  The house my parents owned for 21 years!!  What are the odds?  It truly was a sign for me to go to this event.   Needless to say, it was very surreal to return "home".   

So back to the swap party.  I have to say, these ladies are much more apt to parting with their closet because I definitely am not.  I was surrounded by beautiful clothes, shoes, shoes, shoes and a plethora of jewelry!  With my little black dress in tow, I decided to practice what I preach to all you ChaChas and finally say goodbye to it.  Here's my secret: The dress was bought 2 years ago and there were STILL TAGS ON it!!  Shame on me!  Remember "10 Signs You Need A Wardrobe Overhaul"?  I swear, I am/was only guilty of #7!  It is a super cute and sexy dress but I never wore it.  I swapped with Lisa for a blingy statement necklace and couldn't be happier.  It's a win-win! 

And how about April and Kaitlyn's swap?  A beautiful, cobalt blue jumpsuit for a bright, yellow-green cross purse... Both are perfect for spring.  April beat me to that "I so want" jumpsuit, but that is what I get for talking too much!  It's all good, I love my necklace.

Ready to swap?  Last fall, I hosted an exclusive ChaCha Flare Swap It, Dump It, Keep It Party.  This April, I will be opening the invitation to you all, so keep your eyes open for details.  A little bit of a ChaCha twist with my party... Guests will bring clothing items, shoes, jewelry and accessories to swap or perhaps keep or dump.   Using my styling expertise, I will help you make that decision.  Sometimes what looks awful on you, could be surprisingly flattering on someone else, or it simply looks terrible on everyone!  Let me be the judge. 

Let's swap soon.  Be sure to check out Kaitlyn rockin' her flats on my old stomping grounds!



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